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Today’s business environment the need to improve human performance is the essence of how business improves and grows. The need to gain the maximum performance without inducing employee burnout is the goal of every leader in today's workplace environment.

Symbiosis assist clients with improving human performance by focusing on the client’s staff, management and leadership development needs. Through the use of effective behaviorally-based approaches and techniques the client’s requirements to improve human performance in the workplace are met.

For human beings to survive and grow in the workplace environment the primary energy source is development, development in both the task and the process side of the performance output equation. (See Performance Output equation)

The Performance Output Equation:

To produce output you first start with some type of input. In the workplace that input could be supplies, data, or information. As employees move up or across an organization the input they use to produce output requires the mastery of skills. They first must learn to master the skill that is required to satisfactorily complete the job or produce the output.

In the beginning their focus is on the task side of the performance equation, mastering the skill to complete the task to produce output. Additionally, as they begin to move up or across the organization they need to improve or master performing on the process side of the equation. This holds true for staff, management and the leadership of an organization. The further up the organization you go the more the process side of the equations becomes important.

Approaches that identify specific behavioral competencies or success factors required to display successful performances in an organization are the first step to progressive development. However, the next step is the key to unlocking and improving human performance. That step is combining action learning development opportunities and effective coaching interventions that encourage and motivate the learner to move beyond his / her current performance level and reach the next level, the optimal performance output.

This is the foundation to our approach at Symbiosis: "To help you and your organization to reach (optimal) human performance"

The behaviorally-based techniques and approaches employed at Symbiosis are:

Executive Coaching
Organizational Development Consulting
Leadership Development
Management Development
Customer Focus Development
Diversity and Inclusion Management
Interpersonal Development
Team Development
Staff Development
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